Mary Ellen West, LCSW

private practice therapist specializing in counseling for children and adolescents

Being a kid today is not always easy.

Parenting can be difficult. 

Sometimes we need a fresh perspective and new tools to help us cope with life’s challenges and difficulties. I collaborate with children and their families to find solutions, uncover capabilities and improve relationships.  I provide a safe and comfortable space for children and teens to express themselves, discover their unique character strengths and become strong on the inside.  I work with parents to define a clear and effective parenting strategy that will nurture their child's success. 

Location and Directions

My office is centrally located at  4007 Marathon Boulevard (one block west of Central Market) in a green one-story building under a large tree, between two tall buildings. Look for the sign on the front window that says "Austin Child Therapy." 

Parking is available in the front and back of the building and along 40th Street.

When you arrive, please make yourself comfortable in the waiting area and I will come greet you at our scheduled appointment time.


To schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation, call (512) 201-2995 or email today.